Our Story

We are a Digital Agency based in Mumbai. Our experience has been in top-notch technology and design over the years. We have worked with a diverse number of clients for various exciting projects.

Our Expertise

We make diverse imaginary ideas happen with an excellent team with having experience in, Digital Marketing, Design and Events.

Meet the Team

As we are still building the team right now we are three members in the team.


Reema Darira

Head of Business,
Event and Marketing Expert 

As a versatile master of ceremonies she adds value to all the events she hosts. Being involved in the event and also drafting the scripts is her forte.


Ranjan Pathak

Design and Technology Expert

Ranjan Pathak has diverse experience in creating design and technology. With more than a decade creating experience design


Ashok Pathak

Graphic Designer

A fresh new graphic designer who brings out the fresh design for us