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Front End Development

I develop the front end of web applications and Android Applications.

UX Design

I design the User Experience of Mobile Platforms and Web platforms.

Video Presentation

Also design the Video presentation of any kind. Let it be mobile or any kind of other products.


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Music APP

UX Design


Logo Design


My name is Ranjan Pathak, I am based out of Mumbai India.

I am a self learned Artist, early in 2007 I was picked up by an art director in Art industry and then I never looked back. I started my career with News Paper Advertising agency as a Designer. I learnt most of the things into Print Media at very early stage of my career. I moved into web industry in mid 2011, all the magic started then.

After working with various Advertising agencies and technology companies, I finally took the challenge of having my own Identity.

I started Artguyindia as to deliver freelance User Experience Design services, I have been doing very good so far. I have been looking through big market of Industry leaders.

It is competitive, challenging, and inspiring what I do.